Business Process Reengineering and Performance Improvement


As seen below, Fairfield Technologies provides measurable performance improvement to client organizations. FTI accomplishes this improvement through such means as:

  • Re-engineering existing business processes
  • Updating and improving existing software applications that support key business missions
  • Prototyping new systems architectures and concepts to make “order of magnitude” process productivity, cost, or quality improvements
  • Instituting new process standards that control and improve quality of business artifacts produced

Typically, FTI’s structured performance improvement approach encompasses the following steps:

    • Define “As-Is” Process Architecture and Systems
      • Analyze current business processes, rules and metrics
      • Analyze current systems hardware and applications architecture
      • Identify bottlenecks, constraints, and redundancies
    • Define and Implement “To-Be” Architecture and Systems
      • Define the end state processes and architecture required to accomplish
      • Identify appropriate process metrics
      • Validate and verify design and associated business rules and processes
      • Develop system components to support redefined processes
      • Verify and validate developed systems against redefined processes and associated metrics
      • Deploy systems and business rules
    • Continuous Process Improvement
      • Define and implement approach for metrics data collection and analysis
      • Institute communication methods for metrics analysis reporting
      • Refine business processes and tune systems to allow for continuous performance improvement

Our approach, summarized in the associated case studies, is based on widely-accepted industry standards and best practices, such as Lean Six Sigma, ISO 20000, CMMI and ITIL.

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