Advanced Program Management

In both prime and subcontractor roles, FTI brings our program management experience to bear on each project. We leverage our customers’ organizational attributes and our personnel’s expertise to select the right approach to the project at hand, successfully delivering projects using an advanced program management methodology we refer to as “FTI PMO 2.0/3.0”. With “FTI PMO 2.0/3.0”, program management is not just “a checkoff”, it is a value-added engine for our customers and ourselves.

FTI PMO 2.0/3.0 concept is built on the following principles

  1. Successful program management must be built on a standards-driven and best practices-based (e.g. PMBOK) foundation
  2. Metrics-focused performance improvement methodologies (e.g. business process re-engineering and lean six sigma), and compatible contract approaches (e.g. performance-based contracting) support both accountability and continuous improvement
  3. Program management is a collaborative effort among all project stakeholders, both customer and contractor, not something that is hierarchical in nature. Thus, Web 2.0-type technologies (portals, wikis, real-time collaborative tools) provide a user-driven yet secure approach to success

Accessible via FTI’s collaborative program management portal on every project, we find that PMO 2.0/3.0 provides an informative, accountable, transparent, and user-friendly approach to program management for our customers.

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