Financial Services

The goals of financial systems, and the financial operations that serve as their foundation, are threefold:

  • Scorekeeping – Capturing, recording, summarizing, and recording performance;
  • Attention-Directing – Drawing attention of managers to specific areas and comparing expected and actual performance; and
  • Problem Solving – Determining the best choice from a set of possible actions.

Fairfield Technologies Inc. has significant experience and expertise in financial operations, and in developing state-of-the-art automated solutions that deliver results in all of these areas.

Fairfield Technologies personnel have also developed key financial systems for the U.S. Government (loan portfolio management and forecasting systems) and other Fortune 500 companies (credit quality assessment systems, financial forecasting system, marketing information analysis systems), performed field-office productivity and cost allocation studies for major property/casualty insurance carriers, and designed, developed, and supported accounting and financial applications, portfolio management and decision support systems for financial services and manufacturing firms.

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